Monday, June 24, 2013

End of the Semester Note from Jeff

Dear ENG317’ers,

I hope summer break has gotten off to a great start for everyone.

I enjoyed teaching this course very much and thank you all for making it such an interesting semester.

Your grades are now online.  I tried to be as fair and generous as possible, but because I am required to give 30% C/C+’s and 35% B/B+’s, I had to give some of you lower grades than you deserved. The deciding factor between a ‘C+ and B+’ or ‘A and A+’, was often completion of assignments (e.g. entrance questionnaire, reading reports, resumes, etc.).  Overall, I was very pleased with the efforts most of you made this semester.  If it was totally up to me, I would have given more A’s, but unfortunately, it just wasn't possible.

I will be continuing to experiment with language learning webcasts (like our final exam) this summer and beyond.  If you are interested in tuning in and/or participating and would like to receive emails about what’s happening, register for an account on Englishbridges at:

I am scheduled to teach ENG220 next semester and I suspect many of you have already taken that course. Regardless, please feel free to stay in touch by dropping by my office some time or connecting via social media (my links are below).

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

Happy Summer,
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