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Google Translate

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Sources of Practice Audio

Chatbots are automated chat tools that can be pre-programmed say certain things
or  interact with users. Text to speech chatbots allow you to create a speaking character (or  avatar)
Instructional Videos

Stress and Intonation Videos 

Online Sources of Reading Material


Amazon Free Downloads

Search Amazon’s kindle store for terms you're interested in or a specific title or genre. Then sort by ‘Price: Low to High’. You will need to set up an Amazon account, but once you have done so, you can download the Kindle file (.azw) to your computer. You can then use a program like Calibre ( to view the book or convert it to a pdf or other mobile formats.  You can also convert the tile to simple text, if you’d like to use that for presentation materials. 

Reading Resources  from Jeff's Presentation
of note...

Google Translate

These can be useful for quickly checking the meaning and pronunciation of words online.

ONLINE SOURCES of Reading Materials

Writing Sites
Vocabulary Practice Sites

Specific Writing Tips

Purdue's Online Writing Lab has an extensive range of guides about various aspects of writing. 
Purdue OWL Site Map

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