Thursday, June 27, 2013

ENG 317 Spring 2013

ENG317 - Practical English Conversation
BUFS - Spring 2013
Instructor: Jeff Lebow

This is the class blog for Lebow's ENG317 Course.  I will use this site to post materials related to our discussions and sometimes ask you to post written opinions about the topics we cover
Class Info Page:
Entrance Questionnaire here
Group Notes:  ENG317-2   ENG317-3
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Phrasal Verbs:  Lists & Activities
Reading NotesEng317-2   Eng317-3
Food HandoutsKorean  Chinese   Japanese  Russian
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All Discussion Questions:  1st half of the semester

Final Preparations Update

To those who already done their Final Show segment, congratulations! I appreciate your courage and thought the shows went really well. 
I've gotten several comments from around the world like this one from Maria in Argentina
"Your students are very brave to let you do this! By taking the challenge they have made a huge step to practising for the "unexpectedness" of communication. Thank you for giving me a free trip to your beautiful country!"
Updated times for Hangout Practice and Office Hours. 
  • If you've already done a practice Hangout or plan to participate from Jeff's office, you don't need to practice. If you plan to participate in an On Air Show from home or school, I strongly suggest doing a practice hangout first. I will start an off-air practice hangout at 8pm on Sunday.If you're not available then, contact me and perhaps we can arrange another time to practice.
    Before Hanging out , you will need
  •  Add Jeff to your ‘circles’. Go to and click ‘add to circles’

Any questions or confusions, please contact me via email, Kakao, or Google Messenger. 

Good luck with all of your final exams,

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