Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheating in College and Academic Ethics

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Post your answers to one or more of the questions below.  You can also share your thoughts on other aspects of this topic.

  • What kinds of cheating did you see in high school and university? What motivates people to cheat and how often did they 'get away with it'?
  •  To what extent have you participated in cheating? Why or Why not?
  • What are the long-term consequences of cheating for individuals and society?
  • What can be done to reduce the amount of cheating?


  1. Hi jeff

    I think cheating very bad. so bad
    because, cheatins score and English abliity are not alwyas in direct proportion.
    Also,cheating are not equal.
    so I argue(think?) that people who cheating must be punished.
    Adition, The BUFS should have punished the cheating people but it didn't.
    From now on , The BUFS must have a punish that
    befits the cheating.
    The end. Thank you

  2. I think cheating will be a cause not only of a personal tragedy but also of more serious social problems.
    By cheating, they won't study and will be lazy. Even if they get a good grade and job, they will fail eventually. What is more, society will be degenerated and confused.
    I believe success in life is not necessarily the same thing as getting a good grade and job. What is essential in life is attitude,this is honesty, faithfulness etc.

  3. I think cheating is widespread in Korea.
    I don't have experience that participate in cheating or see someone is cheathing But I heard that many students are cheating.
    These days cheating is very serious problems.
    if it's not disappear, there's not enough competent people in a society.
    BEcause cheating disturbe people get more knowledge. Moreover, it can turn into a crime.
    Also a person who is cheating can't develope his talent.
    it's not his own ability ,so he don't know his learning level. He's going to lose his own ideas too.
    As a result, cheating is not good to people and society.

  4. I think cheating is the worst way to show one's quality as a student.
    We must be honest and keep the rule not only in the classes
    but also in our society life, because this is a promise among the people.
    Moreover, It is not good to cheat to be the best in the class or lessen the load of taking a test. Challenge and know yourself which level you are and develope yourself rather than live extemporaneously. It will be more helpful for your life and future.

  5. Cheating is a fraudulent action against to people who tried a lot to achieve their goal.
    Moreover such conduct is an evil to them. Cheating will make their face blush with shame when they stand with the report card in front of their parents, colleagues and even themselves.

    However it is true that cheating is rampant in college. Therefore students who don’t even think about cheating at first try cheating later. So we need to reinforce to watch in the test site so that help the student compete fairly.

  6. euijin HA (하의진)March 9, 2012 at 12:48 PM

    specially, i hate cheating.
    If some student cheating in the class, other students can be a big disadvantage. It`s unfair!!!!!!
    when I witness cheating, I look straight through.
    It is not overlook!!
    i think It's a matter of individual conscience themselves.
    because we are adult!!!

  7. Ji Hye Shin ( Whoopy)March 9, 2012 at 1:18 PM

    I also hate about cheating.
    By cheating, We cannot evaluate about our abilities exactly.
    Also, I do not understand that someone who is cheating the answers of examinations, it is unfair to evaluate with the ohter students.

    I could understand that when we were middle or high school students, We could do that once or two times for getting good scores which is that in order to enter university. Don't get me wrong!
    I mean that the examination which are mid-term and final.

    Anyway, cheating is not good for us!

  8. Erica(Hyoeun Seong)March 9, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    Yes, everyone knows that cheating is really bad but I think it is quite usual in korea(especially, plagiarism). Maybe, lots of the student try to cheating because they want to get good score and make their parents happy with less efforts. However, integrity students loss their grades or good chances such as receiving more high-level education, scholarship and so forth so it hurts honest students. Therefore, we should punish students who try to cheating or copying other people's ideas arbitrarily.


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