Friday, May 16, 2014

Language Learning Online

To Do Options - May 23
Spend your class time doing the tasks below that seem most  interesting to you.  If you get bored, move on to a different task.

Assignment (don't do this during class time): Over the weekend, please create a short blog post describing which sites you checked out and which ones you thought were most interesting or useful.

Feedly - allows you to easily follow any site with an rss feed
Download eng317.opml

Log in to with your Google Account

Click the three dots and 'organize'. 

Click 'Import OPML', choose file (find eng317.opml), and Import.
Click the small arrows so they are pointing sideways.  This will collapse each list. 

Click Organize again and click and drag the categories to the order you like.  Then browse the hundreds of sites you're subscribed to. 

Feedly works well on mobile platforms as well - Android   Apple

Language Learning Communities

Using sites where language learners meet, chat, and/or become online pen pals

Language Learning Websites

Jeff's Favorites

Extensive Lists Language Learning Websites grouped by Language Skill

Media Players that allow you to control playback speed


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