Thursday, June 26, 2014

ENG317 - Fall 2014

ENG317 - Practical English Conversation

BUFS - Spring 2014

Instructor: Jeff Lebow
This is the class blog for Lebow's ENG317 Course.  I will use this site to post materials related to our discussions and sometimes ask you to post written opinions about the topics we cover

Group Notes:  ENG317-04  ENG317-05

Writing Documents: ENG317-04  ENG317-05

End of the Semester Message
from Jeff
June 22, 2014 

Dear Students, I hope your first weekend of summer vacation has been enjoyable. 

I have now posted your grades for ENG317 public. I do so with somewhat of a heavy heart. 

The university's new grade quotas are: 
  • A,A+'s : maximum 25% 
  • B,B+'s: Maximum 45% 
  • C,C+'s at least 30%
...and there is no way to trick the system into allowing higher percentages. 

As a result, several of you received lower grades than you deserve - certainly lower than I would have given you if I had total grading freedom.

Some of you will see your grade and think "What! I deserve an A+ or at least an A!". I understand and probably agree. Unfortunately, I was only able to give three A's in ENG317-04 and four A's in ENG317-05. I was also required to give at least the same number of C's or C+'s. I did my best to be as fair as possible, but was still left feeling that the results are unfair to some of you.

Please know that regardless of what grade you received, I appreciate the hard work and positive attitude you showed as classes. Thank you for a great semester. I enjoyed our class time together and especially appreciate the bravery and creativity you showed in tackling the 'final challenge'. I hope the course was useful and/or interesting for you as well. 

Wishing you all a great summer, 

P.S. I plan to continue experimenting with online language learning webcasts throughout the summer. I will send out an invitation when I begin and would welcome participation from any of you who are interested.

Week#15 Assignment
By June 14, create a blog post with information and links about your Final Segment. This should be original writing. Do not copy and paste from another source.

Week#14 AssignmentLook at the information about the Final

All students must complete the ‘Final Show Segment Plan’ form by Sunday, June 7.

Week#12 Assignment (due May 25): Over the weekend, please create a short blog post describing which sites you checked out and which ones you thought were most interesting or useful.

Week#11 Assignment  (Due May 12/13)
Bring a news story of any kind that you can describe and discuss. Bring a print out of this and a few discussion questions. The article can be about any type of news (politics, sports, entertainment, health, human interest, etc.) . An English article is preferred , but if you choose an article in a different language, you must be prepared to discuss it in English.

Week#3: Culture Handouts (Part 1)   Likes & Dislikes:   Korea     China
Week#4: Pronunciation: Minimal Pairs, Practice Site, Resources
Week#5: Learning Discussion, Story Relay, &  Group Notes GuessWord

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