Monday, March 26, 2012

English Central Guide

Video Guide at the bottom of this page

Go to

Click on the "English Central Practice Page'

Click 'Enroll in Class'

You can login with your Facebook
account or create an English Central ID.  Click Register.

Select your primary reason for
learning English.

Select a Test System for indicating
your English skill level.

and choose your level.

Enter the information shown.

At the top of the page you'll see
three tabs - My English (See all the work you've done), My Class
(see the videos and categories for this class), and Browse (find
other videos to use).

Each Video page contains the video
transcript, targeted pronunciation sounds, and Featured words.
To study the words, click 'Learn Words' and then 'Start Quiz'.

To watch or speak the video, click the video.

Choose whether to watch or speak the video.

If watching, click a word for
phrase for more information.

To speak a video, click the speak
tab, then 'Start'.

Deal with Audio settings (click
allow, select microphone option, and 'Close'.

After you speak a line, you can
see the words that were not pronounced accurately. (anything
not green)

By clicking that word, you can
compare your pronunciation with the target pronunciation.


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